TECHNO-MASK™ Technology

As we navigate through our new norm together, we are here to provide you with an innovative type of face mask protection.

When you need more protection than a regular cloth face mask.



Swiss hygiene experts since 1935

TECHNO-MASK™ have been given a Sanitized® Swiss dual sided coating finish

  • The antimicrobial and antibacterial Sanitized® topical fabric treatment creates an unfriendly environment for microbes.  This treatment plays an active role in comprehensive hygiene management. 
  • The idea behind this protective technology is to reduce the colonization and multiplication of bacteria, mold and mildew, algae or dust mites – the cause of undesirable odors, staining and material fatigue – through the antimicrobial treatment in our fabric. The antimicrobial Sanitized® treatment, which has been tried and tested worldwide for many years, offers deep-down protection.
  • Utilizing Sanitized® OdorActiv technology helps in odor management in synthetic textiles keeping textiles free from odor
  • Is Sanitized® effective against COVID-19?
The official response from Sanitized® is below

Although the active substances used in Sanitized® products have an effect on human coronavirus types, the effectiveness of Sanitized® products against COVID-19 has not yet been explicitly confirmed. Our experts are very actively engaged in test series.

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    Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

    Utilizing the Gold Standard in Textiles

    • OEKO-TEX® textiles have been tested to be free from harmful substances and is harmless in human ecological terms
    • Our certified factory is hygienic, clean, Eco-friendly and socially responsible

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    Cool Mode Wicking Technology

    • Breathable and Dry - utilizing capillary action to draw moisture away from the user's face, leaving it dry and comfortable 
    • Cool feel to user's face

    UV-C Light Sterilization

    • TECHNO-MASK™ are treated with long exposure to UV Light to destroy any microbes that may have been accumulated during the sewing process.  This UV treatment occurs immediately before packaging and sealing.  The sealant sticker should be intact prior to opening of your package
    • TECHNO-MASK™ can be worn straight out of the package.  The mask may have a slight plastic odor from the plastic packaging.

    Designed in California and made by a Thailand Trust Mark Partner

    • Thailand Trust Mark is a symbol of excellence and trusted quality that was established to add distinctive value to Thai products and services that are made in Thailand.
    • Our factory is a member of TMark

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    ISO Certified factory

    What does the ISO Certification mean?

    • The International Organization for Standardization is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations.  Use of the standards aids in the creation of products and services that are safe, reliable, and of good quality. The standards help businesses increase productivity while minimizing errors and waste. By enabling products from different markets to be directly compared, they facilitate companies in entering new markets and assist in the development of global trade on a fair basis. The standards also serve to safeguard consumers and the end-users of products and services, ensuring that certified products conform to the minimum standards set internationally

      Source: International Organization for Standardization

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    • Our factory is certified ISO-9001, ISO-14001, TS-16949, OEKO-TEX100 


      TECHNO-MASK™ - Protection from PM2.5 to allergies

      • Use as an extra layer of protection for social distancing
      • PM2.5 protection from particulate pollution
      • Anti-Dust - useful in filtering out dust, smoke, allergies, pollen and fungi
      • Wellness - Great for use in the outdoors and sports
      • Use for allergies and hay fever


      How to use your TECHNO-MASK™

      • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to ensure the cleanliness of your hand prior to using your clean TECHNO-MASK™
      • Please note that the SHINY side of the material should be worn touching your face
      • Hold your mask by the ear loops and pull onto each ear
      • In order for the mask to be effective BOTH the user's nose and chin has to be covered
      • Adjust the mask by pulling the top part (the trim) up to cover your nose and adjust down to cover your chin
      • To take off the mask, please pull the ear loops off and fold the the mask in half and throw in the laundry.  If you still have to use the mask, please put the mask on a clean piece of paper towel or inside a paper bag.  If you put the mask on a clean paper towel, please make sure the outside of the mask is touching the paper towel.  

      Please click this link to view a brief explanation from Dr. McElroy on the use and effectiveness of cloth masks


      Care Instructions

      • Machine wash warm and tumble dry low
      • Reusable face protection

       Mask and Textile Specs

      • Lightweight Fabric
      • TECHNO-MASK™ Size approximately 7.25"x 3"
      • Retains the original shape after wash
      • Pleated design resembling the style of a surgical mask.  Easy to adjust and adapt over nose and chin.  Great for many size faces from tweens to adults
      • Easy comfortable elastic ear loops
      • Unisex 
      • One size fits most
      • Fabric Composition: 85% Polyester, 12% Viscose, 3% Elastane
      • High density dust proof technical stretch fabric
      • 180GSM Woven

      SHINY side of the material should be worn touching the wearer's face.  #kissyourmask

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