Sanitized® Swiss Technology

Swiss Hygiene Experts since 1935

TECHNO-MASK™ have been given a Sanitized® Swiss dual sided top coating treatment finish

  • The antimicrobial and antibacterial Sanitized® coated textile treatment creates an unfriendly environment for microbes.  This treatment plays an active role in comprehensive hygiene management.  The antimicrobial treatment has been coated to protect the textile.  We can not claim that it can prevent the user from any bacteria or virus.  Please use with proper social distancing measures and hygiene practice.
  • Utilizing Sanitized® OdorActiv technology helps in o;dor management in synthetic textiles keeping textiles free from odor
  • Is Sanitized® effective against COVID-19?
    The official response from Sanitized® is below:
    Although the active substances used in Sanitized® products have an effect on human corona virus types, the effectiveness of Sanitized® products against COVID-19 has not yet been explicitly confirmed. Our experts are very actively engaged in test series.

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