Core Health Industries' TECHNO-MASK™ utilizes many advanced fabric technology treatments.  Although, our masks do offer numerous attributes, please note that TECHNO-MASKS™ are NOT intended for medical use, and they are NOT intended to replace medical grade personal protection equipment (PPE).  TECHNO-MASK™ uses Swiss Sanitized® Antimicrobial coatings on both sides of the textile.  The coating is applied to protect the textile.  We do not claim that our mask will protect the user from any virus, bacteria or other diseases.

Viruses and bacteria and other microbes can also be transmitted through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as aerosols, that can penetrate masks. Please use the masks in conjunction with all proper social distancing measures.  Please take a moment to view how to properly wear face masks.

Core Health Industries and TECHNO-MASK™ do not claim to protect or prevent you from contracting or transmitting COVID-19 or any other airborne virus or other diseases with the use of masks and filters.  Face and mouth masks are barriers to help confine droplets caused by sneezing or coughing.  

As with all health decisions, please consult with your doctor or trusted medical professional to determine compatibility and suitability with your personal situation.  Core Health Industries/TECHNO-MASKS™ make NO medical claims with regard to the usage of these masks.

We advocate social distancing with the government's advice.  For further information, please refer to

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