How to use and care for your TECHNO-MASK™


How to use your TECHNO-MASK™

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to ensure the cleanliness of your hand prior to using your clean TECHNO-MASK™
  • Please note that the SHINY side of the material should be worn touching your face
  • Hold your mask by the ear loops and pull the loops onto over each ear
  • In order for the mask to be effective BOTH the user's nose and chin has to be covered
  • Adjust the mask by pulling the top part (the trim) up to cover your nose and adjust down to cover your chin
  • To take off the mask, please pull the ear loops off and fold the the mask in half and throw in the laundry.  If you still have to use the mask, please put the mask on a clean piece of paper towel or inside a paper bag.  If you put the mask on a clean paper towel, please make sure the outside of the mask is touching the paper towel.  
  • Please view the video below from Dr. McElroy on how to properly use face masks

Care Instructions


  • Machine wash warm and tumble dry low
  • Reusable face protection