• Both layers of the mask have been treated with Sanitized® T 99-19, an antimicrobial that lasts through 20 washes. EPA Registration # 91742-3
  • Both layers of the mask have been treated with Sanitized® T 11-15, which reduces the development of odor caused by bacteria. EPA Registration # 91742-7


A word from our founder: When the Covid-19 pandemic upended all our lives, I knew I couldn't sit idly by. I was horrified that the availability of safety supplies that I had taken for granted, living in the United States, were all of a sudden scarce. I come from a family who has over 50 years of experience in the garment industry and my personal background is in apparel and accessories. As a mom, I needed to protect my family and realized that maybe I could help protect others as well. I reached out to my company's partners who had access to fabrics with attributes such as antimicrobial coating and UV-C light sterilization and realized that we could integrate that advanced technology into the manufacturing of high quality masks that could be efficiently produced and made available to everyone at affordable prices

The design of this mask has the pleated styling of a surgical mask, which is familiar to so many of us, to allow for greater coverage and fit for a variety of face shapes and sizes. It is protective but also lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. When our first shipment arrived, most of the masks were given out to front-line workers: doctors, nurses, firemen, delivery people, postal workers, my kids' coaches and teachers, and of course friends and family. The appreciation in their voices made me feel so blessed and happy to have helped in some way. The positive feedback from that first shipment encouraged me to develop a business around my mask design that could serve not only those close to me, but also the global community. 

Core Health Industries is a California-based company with products that are designed in Torrance, California.  Every mask is made with love and pride in a certified eco-friendly and socially responsible factory in Thailand. Thank you for your support!






Antimicrobial coatings do not protect against COVID-19. These masks are not intended to provide antimicrobial protection, and they have not been tested or certified to prevent or reduce any kind of infection and do not provide particulate filtration. The masks are not approved by any governmental or administrative organization, and have not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Please continue to follow your workplace/institutional standards and governmental guidelines and orders.

 The mask is intended for civilian 



What makes our masks different from regular cotton face masks?

  • Our textiles uses Sanitized® Patented technology.  Sanitized is a leading Swiss Hygiene expert since 1935.  Sanitized has recently tested and was validated by an independent lab that treating textiles with their Silver and Ammonium can reduce viral loads by 99%. To read more about this please clink on this link https://www.sanitized.com/effective-against-coronavirus-sanitized-additives-protect-synthetic-textiles/
  • Please note although we use Sanitized's treated textile, we are not making a claim that our masks are anti-viral or anti-bacteria.  We are stating that our masks can help reduce the colonization of virus and bacteria
  • SANITIZED AG explicitly makes reference to the fact that end products, such as nose and mouth masks, must be subjected to specialized testing before being officially promoted and marked as antiviral. Compliance with local legal regulations is essential here. This is a standard procedure that should be followed for the benefit of the persons to be protected.
  • Core Health Industries/Techno-Mask is not referencing that our masks
  • In addition to reducing viral loads, Sanitized's technology is also antimicrobial and is effective in reducing and prevent colonization and multiplication of microbes, bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, and dust mites. 



We strive to work with all our customers in a timely manner. If you have an error with your order, please contact us immediately and we will correct it quickly to get you a replacement. If an exchange is requested for color, please email our customer support team at exchanges@techno-mask.com with the word "exchange #order" and your specific order # in the subject line. 

Please include the reason and attach any information or applicable pictures that correspond to the issue.  If you have a sizing issue, please give detail of the fit. We will contact you to help fix your issue and get you a replacement exchange.

Exchanges will be completed within 10 business days of receiving your order.  Customers are responsible for the shipping cost back to us. We will send the replacement free of charge back to you.

Due to the personal intimate hygienic nature of our TECHNO-MASK™ product we do not accept returns. We will accept exchanges if the fit or style is not usable to you.  The item returned will be sanitized and donated to our local communities in need.  If you encounter an issue with our masks, please contact us as we would love to hear back of with any questions/suggestions.

*Please be sure to include your order number on all email correspondence, so we can specifically locate and reference your order.


We only offer full refunds if an incorrect/damaged product was shipped to you. If you received the wrong item, do NOT open the interior plastic clear sealed product package.  Any opened packages can ONLY be exchanged.  Please email our customer support team at support@techno-mask.com if we can further assist you.


Please contact us at 310.525.8856 or email info@techno-mask.com with your issue and order #