We were determined to build a better mask, but gaining technical expertise is not something that happens overnight. Knowledge has to be acquired, increased and developed over years. We are proud to work in partnership with our Swiss partner, Sanitized® AG, Switzerland's antimicrobial experts since 1935.  With their 85 years of experience, we are confident to bring you a premium, safe and advanced Official Licensed product to you.

Core Health Industries

As the world shifts, a new reality emerges. Personal hygiene and protection is of the utmost priority. Facial protection is becoming part of our new norm. Our products are developed to help us combat the uncertainties we now face. Our innovative solution is combining the advanced textile technology we work with in apparel to become available in face masks, our TECHNO-MASK™. These textiles have many advantages such as utilizing Swiss Sanitized® Antimicrobial Hygiene technology, OEKO-TEX® the Gold Standard in textiles, Cool Mode Wicking Moisture, and PM2.5 Proof for pollutants and UV-C Light Sterilization Treatment.

We are based in California with years of experience in manufacturing apparel & accessories.Our products are designed in California and made with love and pride in a certified Eco-friendly, socially responsible ISO factory in Thailand.

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10% of all sales are donated to the non-profit Global Giving organization to help in the fight of this global pandemic

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