About Us

Merging health, technology and textiles for the 21st century.

A word from our founder: When the Covid-19 pandemic upended all our lives, I knew I couldn't sit idly by. I was horrified that the availability of safety supplies that I took for granted, living in the United States, were all of a sudden scarce. As a mom, I needed to protect my family and realized that maybe I could help protect others as well. Coming from an apparel and accessories background, together with my family who has over 50 years of experience in the garment industry, we reached out to our partners who had access to fabrics with attributes such as antimicrobial coating and UV-C light sterilization and decided that we can help bring this advance technology to more people by making it into a mask that is available to everyone. The design of this mask would have the pleated styling of a surgical mask to allow for greater coverage and fit. It would be protective, easy to use, lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and affordable. Most of the masks from our first shipment were given out to front-line workers: doctors, nurses, firemen, delivery people, postal workers, my kids' coaches and teachers, and of course friends and family. The appreciation in their voices make me feel so blessed and happy that I can help in some way. 

Thank you for your support! Core Health Industries is a California based company. Our products are designed in California and made with love and pride in a certified eco-friendly and socially responsible factory in Thailand.