Why should you choose Sanitized® treated face mask by Core Health Industries?

Comprehensive hygiene management is of the highest importance in the Corona crisis. Sanitized® stands for comprehensive odor management in textiles. The Sanitized® hygiene function protects textiles from the formation of fungi and algae, reduces dust mites and odors, and provides long-lasting material protection.

Our lives may be gradually returning to a new normal, but the coronavirus will continue to influence our interactions with each other for a long time to come. It is important to remain vigilant, especially with direct infection by airborne droplets. Along with direct infection by airborne droplets, our hands remain key to the spread of disease.

Why did we choose Sanitized®? 
  • Swiss antimicrobial experts since 1935. 
  • 85 years of experience being on the for-front of patented new technology.
  • A leading Swiss company with tested products.
  • Quality and safety are their highest priorities.
  • The active ingredients they use meet our customer needs, providing the best antimicrobial protection using the best available technology.

Face masks have become a central issue in the fight to protect against COVID-19. After initial shortages, the market is now being flooded. Unfortunately, this has caused confusion. In the worst case, people think they are safe even though they are only wearing simple, untreated material as mouth protection. 

Core Health Industries relies on Sanitized® 85 years of experience for treatment of our mask to make a difference.  We designed an affordable,  Sanitized® treated, light weight, breathable performance mask that has a wicking function that draws moisture away from your face making it comfortable to wear for everyday use. We even treat it with UV lights before packaging and security seal it for added peace of mind.
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