Front line educators sing "WHO LIVES, WHO DIES, WHO TELLS YOUR STORY" from Hamilton

And when you're gone, who remembers your name?
Who keeps your flame?
Who tells your story?
Who tells your story?
Who tells your story?
I put myself back in the narrative

Our front line educators may have this great song from Hamilton running through their heads. When you think about the toll this war is taking it may run through yours.  It is not if, but how many "in class teachers" will die from this pandemic invasion, just like all our other front liners.  Teachers are writing their Last Will and Testimonies in public and private as the new school year approaches. Some have decided to live another day and quit.  Like the vast majority of us, they need a paycheck. They also feel this is their life's calling and need to follow it.  They too are trying to manage the risks and have to factor in their own kids, health issues and older love ones lives too. Stress has already begin to steal their sleep and school hasn't started for most of them.

As we, as a community, fight this mother of pandemics, we will learn how to defend ourselves and beat back covid.  The fight now looks like a long one. The Rose Bowl Parade for 01-01-2021 has been cancelled.  California's Governor has all but assured that distance learning will be offered for the whole school year.  Trade shows are all moved to online, and concert venues are prepared to be on hold until 2022. The stage is set for this war to last well into 2021 at best.

Life changed, where and when it gets back towards where we where is really up to us all as a society.  For now, a large amount of schools are going to stay on distance learning forcing teachers to be fluid in a new method of educating.  By all accounts, when we dropped everything and scrambled into this new era of teaching, chaos ensued.  The learning was not the same and inequalities existed.  This upcoming school year will be different, it with be a vast improvement.  Our education system has worked all summer to identify problems, work on solutions, plan  and prepare.  The great leap under pressure of last year will only improve this school years teaching from a distance. Will it be perfect? No way but have faith in our frontline educators and their support staff.  Remember that they are not in it for money, fame or glory but to make a difference, to teach, as a calling. It will get better.

Support our frontline educators as they well deserve it.  We will be offering teachers only specials on our website soon.  You can purchase them for your favorite educator so sign up now!


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