What does this reflect about concern for our front line educators?

What does State Priorities look like from a teachers, front line educator, point of view? From an actual teacher's point of view:

The state has all sorts of guidelines, rules and conditions for a hair cutter to open back up. Do this, don't do that.

UV lights, constant cleaning and sanitizing are top action and clearly prioritized at Hospitals. All sorts of Federal funds and help is giving, procedures and rules are offered.

Schools are literally a Petrie dish with little or no guidelines provided by the state.  Schools support staff work all summer to just get the floors done.  They are not allowed to use certain cleaning products due to health concerns.

What does this reflect about concern for our front line educators?  A Senator went as far as straight up telling people to “kiss my ass” if they continue to oppose reopening schools for political reasons.  Is my health, my life, my future a political reason?

What do you think about our front line educators?  Please send your concerns and thoughts so we can help them all.

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