WASH YOUR MASK EVERY TIME - Wash one, wear one, and carry a spare or two.

Wash your hands and wash your mask every time. Moms use to say "put on a clean pair of underwear in cause you get in a car accident" now it is "wash your mask every time you wear it." As we all know,  masks work as a barrier between you and the world.  Most experts say that the mask protects other people from your germs more than it protects you from their germs.  Some say it works both ways.  But they all agree that wearing your mask means you need to wash it every time you wear it as it becomes full of germs.

One great way to keep them wash is to put them in a small lingerie bag  and wash them every day.  The mom who shared this hack uses two bags. One in the wash and the other hung up for her family to put the day's dirty mask into. Wash and repeat.   

Wash one, wear one, and carry a spare or two.  Washing your mask is as important as wearing a mask.  Oh yeah, listen to mom!  Mask on, clean for the outing, and carry  a spare backup or two.

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