The Trauma of Plan B - Hybrid - modified in-school teaching!

Can you remember your first day of school? Do you recall playing with classmates before school, during recess and at lunch time?  Can you hear the yelling and laughing on the school ground? Not with Plan B - Hybrid - modified school days.  A teacher painted this picture.  No close direct inter-action with other students due to maintaining social distancing. No meeting at the pencil sharpener. Socialization that is sterile. Bathroom breaks one at a time with hand washing tests. Frequent hand washing if your room has a sink.  No recess, no lunch play times.  Eat at your desk. Walking social distance apart in line. marched into class and back to parents again.  Looks a bit like prison pipeline with the teachers acting as guards.  Distance learning has its problems but staying home may be better than this picture.  Mentally being separated, controlled and having limited interactions will damage socializing norms for kids.

What do you think?  Plan B - Modified - or stay at home?  Explore, discuss and help our education front liners! 

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