Let us face it, this is an all out war against Covid. It has invaded and is attacking us. We have many brave medical front line workers and they are fighting hard and gallantly.  Our next battleground is for our future.  Our future is in our youth and rest in large parts on their education and innovation. Education is the foundation of our society, of our country, of our future.

Fighting on the front line of education is our teachers.  Under-paid, under-valued, and under-appreciated by many if not most.  Teaching seems to be a calling, it is certainly not for the fame or glory and there is no large money in it. Our teachers in large parts are older with more than 30% being over 50.

In this fight we are asking, no telling them to stand face to face with our kids in spite of the risk of life or a posable  lengthy battle for it. Remember 53% of covid positive people have no idea of where they got it from. Or we are demanding that they retrain, redo, and redesign their teaching methods and delivery. Thus, in fact, retraining our education front line workers to become internet based to fight this battle all without a huge cash investment.  Most likely with budget cuts.

Education is truly a huge dilemma with long reaching consequences.  Parents, kids and administrators all have concerns and issues but we ask, no, we demand too much from our teachers.  We need to support them, listen to them, work with them to help win this education battle for our kids, our country, our future.

Come join Core Health Industries in the fight for our education and for the front line workers, the TEACHERS.

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