"A mask a day" Two free masks as a special offer for Teachers, Our Frontline Educators

There’s no doubt as schools reopen that teachers will be on the front line in the battle against the spread of the coronavirus. Core Health Industries admires this courage and are offering a special discount code for face masks to show support. We want teachers to be able to wash a mask, wear a mask, and still have backups in case they are needed.

We are now offering face masks at a special discount for teachers, “as a mask a day per week”, seven for the price of five,  $28.00 using the code FRONTLINE EDUCATORS on checkout. 

Keeping teachers and students healthy is a top priority for all caring Americans. Our face masks they offer have a number of key benefits to our Teachers. Some highlights include: mask fabrics being treated with Switzerland's Hygiene Expertise Sanitized® Antimicrobial and Odor Control Management techniques which help slow or stop the development of odor caused by microbes and bacteria; created using Germany Rudolf Group's proprietary Moisture Wicking Technology - leaving you dry and comfortable; the masks are exposed to UV-C light prior to packaging; certified non-toxic by the Oeko-Tex Association, validating that the masks are safe for humans and the environment; the masks are delivered in a product bag that is sealed with a tamper-evident, foil tape that leaves behind a residue when removed for extra peace of mind; they are dermatological tested, to avoid skin issues; and they are Certified ISO, with Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsible Manufacturing.

This is technology for your peace of mind, when a simple cloth mask will not do. Like a little black dress for your face, when other masks aren't up to the task. Thank you to our Education Frontline workers as they face a very challenging school year. 

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