Are older adults better at maintaining greater levels of emotional wellbeing throughout the pandemic?

How is your wellbeing?  How are your older adult family and friends doing mentally?

A study analyzing diary like survey entries noted older individuals have felt less stressed and less threatened.
 Older adults appear more emotionally resilient despite facing higher rates of disease contraction, severe complications and mortality from COVID-19. Many have been facing health concerns well before the pre-pandemic and have well developed coping mechanisms. Also, as most are well into retirement, they don't have to worry as much about pandemic-related work or employment issues.  Most older peoples' children have already grown up and moved out of the house as well easing their burdens. It is as if age has brought more wisdom and has giving more coping skills.

Younger and middle-aged adults are faced with family and work related challenges. Younger people are more prone to emotional distress right now. The study concluded this is a good reminder for younger adults to create more opportunities for positive experiences while staying safe.  The study revealed that 75% of surveyed older adults reported more positive events than younger participants.

The study shows we need to find positive stress relieving activities for ourselves. This study screams find time, be in the moment, enjoy the events as much as you can like most your parents and grandparents do.  Mental wellbeing may be more important now than ever before, so take care of yourselves.  Hoping you find and enjoy all the moments you can!

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