One of front line educators, a history teacher ask are we repeating history?

"Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it" said the history teacher.

Two world wars, now our second world pandemic Invasions.  All of our teachers would want us to compare invasions.

People hated mask during the 1918 pandemic and 675,000 Americans ended up died. 

During the 1918 invasion, communities across the country instituted a host of public health measures to slow the spread of a deadly influenza epidemic: They closed schools and businesses, banned public gatherings, and isolated and quarantined those who were infected. Many communities recommended or required that citizens wear face masks in public – and this, not the lockdowns, drew the most anger. Sounds familiar, yes? 

In mid-October of 1918, amid rapidly growing outbreaks nationwide, the United States Public Health Service circulated leaflets recommending that all citizens wear a mask.The Red Cross took out newspaper ads encouraging their use and offered instructions on how to construct masks at home using gauze and cotton string. The mask where bulky, uncomfortable and likened to bandages on a bullet wound. All where home made and hand washed with no special attributes

Mask-wearing was presented as a civic duty – social responsibility had been embedded into the social fabric as massive wartime federal propaganda in early 1917. Where mask orders were successfully implemented, noncompliance and outright defiance quickly became a problem. Again, sound familiar?

We cannot measure how effective masks used in 1918 where.  The loss of lives is measured and scary.

Today, we have evidence that our well-constructed cloth face coverings are an effective tool in slowing the spread of COVID-19.  Will Americans maintain the widespread use of face masks? Like it or not we are in the making of history with this second invasion. My teacher is deathly afraid that we will repeat history.  

Help #corehealthindustries support our education front liners, our teachers, by wearing a mask everywhere.  Join the fight!

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