How does money mean best K-12 back to school plan? Here's what the most expensive school in America is doing

They are actually reaching out to educate parents about safer options as reported by CNBC. Avenues (the most expensive school in America) plans to reopen for face-to-face instruction, along with remote and satellite offerings "Our goal is to provide options and flexibility for our families who may be concerned about returning to campus," said Jeff Clark, Avenues president.

This fall, Avenues New York's cost of tuition is $48,000. Still, for those who would prefer to study remotely, Avenues is also offering a completely online curriculum. With a $30,000-tuition tab for Avenues Online, the school expects to have more than 400 students enroll in this program for this year. Also offered is a service dubbed Avenues@Home where families can choose to supplement distance learning with a private teacher who comes to their house to support daily lessons. This addresses one of the biggest issues associated with remote schooling that many parents have. The cost per household is $65,000 for the first child and $45,000 for each additional child, on top of tuition. Avenues has all three options, face-to-face, online school, and at home Teacher tutoring.

Well funded schools can provide real solutions. The average tuition for Avenues New York is $58,700, more than double the average tuition at private schools. Public schools have roughly 50.8 million students enrolled vs  just 5.8 million students in private schools, according to the Department of Education.  Most public schools are going to remote learning and most private schools are bringing students back on campus. Many parents and students say remote school is inferior to in-person instruction, according to a recent survey by TruePublic of more than 8,000 students and their parents.

Vastly unequal alternatives for now, schools must rethink education and how to adapt for all of our futures. Support our Frontline Educators.

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