Here comes a large dust storm. Another reason to stay home and wear a mask.

Be aware, we are being hit with the largest Sahara Dust Storm in fifty years that may effect your health. Satellite images show the plume stretching all the way from the west coast of Africa to the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, although there appears to be two major concentrations on either side of the ocean.  Forecast models indicate over the course of Thursday and Friday, the dust could affect parts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. By this weekend, the dust will likely move northeastwards over the southeastern U.S., perhaps reaching as far as the mid-Atlantic region. On the upside, it could  turn the skies milky  and the sunrises and sunsets may be extra spectacular.

Be safe, Be aware. Wear a mask!© Footage of storm added 6-27

Track the movements of the dust


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