Hand Sanitizer, BBQs, and Fire(works) do not Mix

Happy 4th of July
Many hand sanitizers are alcohol-based with greater than 60% ethanol, or 70% isopropanol making them extremely flammable.  If you are going to avoid the professional fireworks and do your own at home then leave your sanitizer away from your fireworks (and the BBQ) and maybe just use soap and water.  But hand hygiene is still important, so if you're not handling anything flammable and are far away from any type of fire, it's OK to use along with making distance and wearing a mask.
Safety tips from the NSC
  • Leaving fireworks to the professionals
  • If you or someone you know insists on using fireworks, understand your state's laws because each state is different
  • Adults should never use fireworks while impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Never allow young children to handle fireworks. Even sparklers are risky, because they burn at 2,000 degrees
  • Get more fireworks safety tips at nsc.org

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