Covid changes may be bringing some improvements too! Times are a-changin'

This pandemic is taking a toll no doubt.  It's also bringing many changes and not just temporary ones.  A few positive areas include:

Some Brick and Mortar stores are taking extensive steps to protect both employees and customers beyond capacity restriction, hand sanitizer dispensers, and mask mandates. Some are installing new technologies designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Non-invasive body temperature scanning and crowd control are being used to pinpoint problems in real time.  Medical grade UV lights are starting to be used to sanitize. Ultraviolet light handrail sanitizing is used in high end retailers.  They are all here to safeguard us and provide a sense  of "normality".

National Geographic reports this could actually strengthen our food system. As they put it, the shock to U.S. food chains from the coronavirus has been a boon to small- and mid-sized farms and distributors. Could it be the start of a new way to get food?  The direct to consumer channel is growing rapidly and providing food to most all of us.

Teachers, our front line educators, are being appreciated more as small groups of distance learning kids are making micro classrooms of tutoring and learning. Parents are realizing they need help and are seeking out valued teachers (and paying them direct).  Is this the future?  Will teachers be appreciated and valued more?  Will this become a new blending on-line and smaller class size model?

Covid has brought much, much more negatives than positives for sure.  These effects l will last a long time for sure, but hopefully more positives are coming out.  Do you see any other positives you would like to share?  Send them to us please.

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